Puje Three AM

Red brass bell

Large bore

Interchangeable Mouthpipe System 

Puje 3

Choice of Bell Materials

Choice of Mouthpipes and Crooks

Large Bore

American Belle

Made in the US…100%

Large 5 1/4” Red Brass Bell

Warm sound.  perfect for ballads


Gold Brass Leadpipe 

Whole Horn Tuning Slide

Medium Large Bore

A horn for everyone.

Your horn is your voice when making music.  I am constantly looking for a way to offer different sounds within the Puje platform.  These are some of the horns that I have made in the past or am currently working to perfect.

  • CTR
  • A full-on trumpet with a compact wrap.  

  • Do Si Do
  • Two horns in one! 

  • P4
  • The next Puje sound.

  • P5
  • Newest prototype on the bench.

  • Compact C
  • A balanced orchestral trumpet.

  • Morpheus 
  • Totally modular.