Puje Trumpets Inventory

Sometimes I build a horn to have in stock, to take to ITG, as a prototype or just for fun.  If it is a demo horn it will be listed as such.  All prices include shipping.  Elizabeth makes sure each horn sounds great before it heads to you.


2019 Puje Classic 10-4

$2000 $1495 #71 Built 3/12/19

This is the last of my Kanstul valve blocks.  Built with a #10 yellow brass single piece hand-hammered bell also by Kanstul.  In fact because of the halt in production at the Kanstul factory, I took great care to use as many Kanstul parts as I had.  Aside from two braces, this horn is Kanstul.  Bid adieu to our friends in Anaheim, but say hello to your new horn.  One-off custom build never to be repeated.  You choose your rings and water keys.


2019 Puje SHORTY

$1990 Built 3/29/19 Serial #99

This is a stock model and the prototype for the 5th Anniversary model.  Seamless #7 copper bell and my #2 mouthpipe.  Heavy trim.  Big sound from a little horn.  Call for more information.


Hard Travel Case


Pick and fit foam padding pre-fit to a Puje.  Space for mouthpieces and oil.  Pelican-style protection.