Puje Trumpets Inventory

Sometimes I build a horn to have in stock, to take to ITG, as a prototype or just for fun.  If it is a demo horn it will be listed as such.  All prices include shipping.  Elizabeth makes sure each horn sounds great before it heads to you.




2019 Puje Compact C

Sold Built 1/10/19 #79 

This is a custom serial horn featuring Getzen valves  I took a Kanstul made gold brass bell from a Bach 239 style mandrel and put a huge 5 3/8” flare on it. I paired that with my #4 pipe that I modified for C. It creates a massive sound will fill the biggest hall. This is my personal horn I decided to sell since I rarely need a C trumpet these days. Shown with labradorite inlays.  Includes your choice of custom inlays and US shipping.  Call for more information.